Event - IPA DAY 2017

12 May

Event - IPA DAY 2017

SIN PECADO was present at the judging panel of this event by ACCE - Asociación de Cerveceros Caseros Españoles (The Association of the Spanish Home Brewers), the year in which participation was opened to Portuguese brewers through the Beers of the World Forum, allowing this way the realization of a truly Iberian IPA DAY, in between the two countries, that among many other things which they share in common, also have a great taste for Craft Beer.



- Luis Alberto
- Bruno Martín
- Antonio Martín
- Jaime León
- Alvaro Pérez
- Aaron Soriano
- Carlos Waldo Cañadas
- David Ochoa (Gross)
- Francisco Plasencia
- Rafael Martín Luque


- Lúcio Nóbrega
- Bruno Aquino
- Tito Santos
- João Durães
- Rui Bento
- Pedro Lima
- André Pintado
- Rui Matias
- Carolina Cardoso

We would like to thank the Management and Organization done by Raul Rodriguez and Alexis Sánchez, who welcomed us very well.