Training "Specialization in Craft beers" and "Microbreweries"

12 Jun

Training "Specialization in Craft beers" and "Microbreweries"

It doesn’t matter how much we know about beer, when we start, it is very normal to feel fear and insecurity, after all there are several details that worry any brewer, as it is the case of:

- The choice of the best materials;
- Procedures;
- Equipments;
- Recipes;
- Fermentation;
- Maturation, among others.

That is why it is important to try to get a good basic knowledge background, something that got me to a long pursue for the best training options in the market, and finally led (after reading several positive opinions) to attend two courses at the University of Alicante, namely the Specialized Production in Craft Beer and Microbrewery.

In the course of "Specialization in Crafted Beer Preparation", all aspects related to the production of this drink were covered, from the choice of raw materials to the elaboration process, as well as the acquisition of knowledge related to tasting and practical aspects of undertaking a professional activity related to the world of beer.

In the Microbreweries course, specific aspects related to the creation of a company project in the Crafted Beer sector are explored: fundamental knowledge in legislation, business management, marketing and communication, critical points in the design of a microbrewery, hygiene control and quality in the production process.

It was in these two courses that I met professionals and researchers with a high level of quality and knowledge, as it is in the case of Boris de Mesones, Fernando Campoy, Aristides Cruz, Albert Barrachina, David Castro among other fantastic brewers!