Visits to Microbrewery and Brewpubs

12 Jul

Visits to Microbrewery and Brewpubs

As a home brewer for some time till today, I sometimes thought that this thing about creating beer or brewing was relatively easy. How wrong was I!

This happened and will happen until you meet people as passionate and knowledgeable as those I met on these visits. It's really exciting to talk about beer with these knowledgeable (no doubt about that) people, but also more than anything, willing to share all of their knowledge and experience.

In the last two years, there have been plenty of visits to brewpubs and Micros, to add a little more knowledge to the SIN PECADO project. Each of the visited companies presented their specific ideas, but always in a climate of cooperation and healthy competition, in working together to establish themselves as references and models in the beer industry.

Maybe because of this, speaking about SIN PECADO sounds so good, because the craft beer culture is like that - it seeks teaching, ways to innovate, it is experimental and irreverent, it always looks for more and is different, in a market where there is so much more to explore

My big thank you to all of them:

Garange Beer Co
Art Cervecers
Mad Brewing
Edge Brewing
Black Lab Brewhouse
8 Colina
Dois Corvos
Post Scriptum
El Vaso de Oro
Mikkeller Bar
Barcelona Beer Company